Currently health data is in silos and it results in various issues like faulty diagnosis, medical errors, out-of-pocket expenses and increase in insurance premiums thereby adding to the DALYs (Disability Adjusted Life Years) causing productivity, financial losses and decrease in the happiness quotient of the country.
HygeiaAI plans to use predictive analytics for decoding physical and mental health which will be fed into the HygeiaAI Analytics Engine (HAi) to generate pattern recognition and probabilistic attribution to develop insights accounting for decisions related to detection and diagnosis.
HygeiaAI will provide actionable insights to corporates, employees, users and other healthcare stakeholders (pharma companies, drug discovery & research, insurance companies, medical fraternity) on health related data enabling earlier prediction/detection of conditions, thereby increasing productivity, longer and healthier life & well-being of the individual and adding to the GNP of the country.
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